Friday, November 6, 2015

Boredom: Part I

My AP students have been busily working on research paper outlines and have reached a place where they only need me for minor issues. I'm incredibly proud because they've never done outlines before. I would pat myself on the back for my unbelievable teaching skills, but I know it's more a testament to how they've grown just since school began.

So, as they work, I should grade papers...but I've done that the last couple of days. Now, I'm bored because I'm deliberately trying to leave them I decided to go ahead and throw some of my more personal work into the ether: my poetry.

You, dear reader, do not have to like it. There's no pressure, even if you enjoy my prose. I attempt universality, especially with poetry, but no everyone is going to like poetry (mine or in general). Okay, enough preface. Here are a couple I rather like:

Untitled (written in a poetry break-out session)
I stand alone
on the precipice
staring into the void
The earth echoes my
soul’s death:
bare trees
dead grass
gray sky
brown earth
The frigid air
surrounds me
but fails to chill
something already lifeless
The howl of the wolf
and the screech of the owl
sing out the death of
my soul
Ashes from a long
snuffed fire
filter past my empty eyes
All of nature
mirrors my demise
The blackness of
gathering night
reflects my
Eternal rest might await
but I’ve lost
my faith:
in God
in mankind
in myself
I close my eyes
exhale my pent-up breath
and await my
body’s release

What is man
without a


The fragility of
these mortal shells
Merely tying us down
Hampering us
with illness,
Impeding our
forward evolution
Diluting our truth
Watering down
our passion
Tripping us
as we walk
forward into
the light of
Moral cataracts
blind our vision—
blinders to what
is good and true and right
I long to be
freed from
the strictures
To soar into
the sky and sing of beauty
without color
and gender
To shout of truth
that crosses
culture and religion
To rip the
mask off
and apathy.
And to free others
to fly with me

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